Our season spans from November to April, encompassing the vibrant Chilean spring and summer. During this time, you’ll seize the opportunity to delve into legendary waters, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes, as you embark on fishing escapades by boat or through wading with our all inclusive 6 day and 7 night packages. 

Spanning from November to April, our season envelops the vibrant Chilean spring and summer. Within this window, you’ll grasp the chance to immerse yourself in legendary waters, surrounded  by awe-inspiring landscapes, as you embark on fishing escapades. Whether by boat or through wading, our all-inclusive 6-day and 7-night packages ensure you experience every moment of this captivating adventure.

Your package embraces a seamless and immersive experience, including:

  • Luxurious accommodations at the lodge
  • Culinary delights with delectable meals
  • A selection of beverages, encompassing beer, wine, and the iconic pisco sour
  • Expertly guided fishing expeditions every day
  • Fishing license for your angling pursuits
  • Ground transportation to and from Balmaceda airport


Please note that the following elements are not included in the package:

  • International and domestic airfare
  • Fishing equipment and flies
  • Premium alcohol beyond our provided selection
  • Gratuities to acknowledge exceptional service
  • Laundry services for your convenience

2024 Rates: 7-Night / 6-Day Package.

The following rates apply to both anglers and guests participating in the adventure program

(the choice you make from a range of activities including hiking, kayaking, biking, and more)

Shared room and shared guide: $6,250
Single room and single guide available.


Our lodge welcomes:

  • Up to 10 anglers
  • Up to 6 non-anglers