Northern Patagonia boasts a milder climate compared to its renowned southern counterpart, Tierra del Fuego. The seasons here paint a picturesque canvas, offering a haven for travelers seeking respite from the harsh northern hemisphere winters.

Late October to April: Embrace Ideal Vacation Seasons

Spring and summer grace the region from late October through April, rendering Northern Patagonia a sought-after vacation destination. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, a paradise of natural wonders unfolds.

Mid-November through December: A Season of Renewal

During mid-November to December, prepare for intermittent rain as the day begins around 40°F, gradually climbing to pleasant highs of 60°F in the afternoon. This is the time many Chileans prefer to explore the Aysen region, drawn by the enchantment of a reborn landscape.

Mid-December through Mid-January: Blooms and Beauty

As mid-December arrives, temperatures ascend to an inviting average of 50-75°F, accompanied by a decreased chance of rain compared to earlier in the month. Despite occasional showers, this is the opportune moment to witness a kaleidoscope of spring blossoms adorning the terrain. The surrounding mountains retain a pristine snow-cloaked charm, making them an idyllic backdrop for your photographic escapades.

Mid-January through February: Bask in Sun-Kissed Splendor

In the heart of summer, mid-January to February brings temperatures ranging from 60-80°F, graced by fewer rain showers. While you relish the myriad of water-based activities, do not underestimate the sun’s strength—ensure you’re armed with sunscreen. This period is highly popular for travel, so early booking is advised to secure your dream experience.

March and Mid-April: The Golden Embrace of Fall

As March and mid-April arrive, temperatures offer a delightful range from 35°F in the morning to a balmy 60°F in the afternoon. This tranquil season is a hidden gem, with fewer travelers and a hint of fall in the air. The rainy season reawakens, yet the allure of fishing remains strong, promising a unique and peaceful exploration.

In Northern Patagonia, every season paints a masterpiece of its own, inviting you to indulge in the beauty and tranquility of this remarkable realm.