Patagonia is said to be a place that shimmers on the frontier between geography and romance. It is an area the size of Washington, Oregon and California with only 1.8 million people. Very little of it has ever been explored.

We want to take you to what we think is the best of Patagonia. Not the Northern Patagonia of Argentina or the Southern Patagonia of Tierra del Fuego. We want to bring you to Central Patagonia. A part of Chile geographically isolated by only a few paved roads with access mainly by air or boat. This part of southern Chile is rugged & unspoiled, where a unique culture of settlers are carving out a new world very modern in its technology and a knowledge comparable to the rest of the world. This is still a place of solitude, where you’ll find the variety of experiences out numbering the tourists. You will find a very civilized culture surrounded by a wild and untouched wildness waiting to be discovered.

“The lodge is fully staffed and is spacious and comfortable with large rooms and private baths. Breakfast and dinner is served in the formal dining room. The chef and kitchen help prepare meals worthy of the finest restaurants. Lunch is set on the river with tablecloth, silver and wine.”

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